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The summer camp program is designed to aid Scouts in advancement and leadership skills. Over 80 different merit badges, including all Eagle Required, are offered along with many other specialty awards. Each area is described below in detail.


Lake Klein is a great place to boat, canoe, and sail. Instruction in all types of boating, as well as safety afloat, is available to all units. The pool program includes troop swims, Eskimo swims, open swims, and instructional swims. Other events include water polo, mile swim, snorkeling, and safe swim defense.

C.O.P.E.-- Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience

Walk on steel cables that are anywhere from four inches to 40 feet off the ground; go skiing with eight people--all on one (large) pair of skis; scale ten foot walls with your hands; learn teamwork by practicing it in a team, not reading it from a book; fall backwards from a four foot platform into the arms your teammates; swarm up a cargo net, and jump off into the air to be lowered by actual mountaineering rope and webbing.

Climbing Tower--

Come enjoy the excitement of rappelling, climbing and climbing merit badge.


A great place for younger and older scouts alike to show off their artistic talents or learn a new craft. Art, Basketry, Leatherwork, Painting, Pottery, and Woodcarving Merit Badges are offered here. Come and try out the pottery wheel, make a leather knife pouch, carve a neckerchief slide, or make a basket!


Learn more about our natural world and how to preserve it. Activities include forestry, mammals, a nature trail, star study, fishing, and conservation projects. Many other nature related topics can be covered based on a Scout's interest as well.


Traditional Scouts skills featuring today's no trace camping ideals; plus knots, lashing, orienteering, fire building, and wood tools. Survival skills in the outdoors and basic cooking are also available at Scoutcraft--the place were Scouting has its roots.

Shooting Sports--

Instructions on the safe handling and use of .22 Cal rifles, black powder muzzle loaders, shot guns, and bow and arrow. Special programs from the NRA and NAA--plus troop shoots and weekly marksmanship awards--are also available at shooting sports.

T-2-1 (First Year Emphasis)--

The Cleveland Council is continuing to enrich and enhance the program for Scouts working toward their first-class rank. Each scout will spend half a day exploring and experiencing camp while learning scouting skills that they can take back to their troops. This is the ideal program for first year campers and new Scouts.

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